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Attraction is not a choice but a game that requires skills to master. Kahan Tazadaq has dated and been intimate with over one thousand women. All of his experiences with women is being shared for the first time with men that have struggled with relationships or getting the women of their dreams. In the game there are many rules and parameters in which you must play. We all have learned different ways, depending on the level in life we are in. This game is ever changing and to be on your center you must change accordingly. In the game simping and feminine behavior are the things that hold average men from being alpha males or even a high value male. Most men make silly decisions that, often lead to divorce rape, in a one-sided court system that is obviously gynocentric. Hot women intimidate men, even men that may be CEO of corporation often crumble before women. Their desire to cater to and value the women above oneself kills attraction, stops the show or they impede their progress...if we allow it will destroy us for the remainder of our lives. If you want to learn to be a Alpha male, how to really seduce women, or make your ex pleading and begging for you to come back you must read this book no less than ten times. This book will change your life with women and render you and over all better man. A real man. This is gown men's business.



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