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So what's engineering this sudden debt claim that these modern women are begin to claim they are entitled to and owed? I have concluded that there must be some of motivation too courts and media platforms escalating this false sense of entitlement. When asked what is she brining to the table, the moment is usually consumed with silence so thick that its daunting. Men have began to speak out against the bias prospective, yet they use it as a venue to leech as much blood money as they can from the recipient men that is on a quest for answers. My thoughts are that it has to be triggered by the impending loss of security women once had in the traditional families and being faced with the fact that things will in most cases depending on your income of course become a bit more difficult and she may need to cut back on spending, downsize her dream home, refrain from expensive name brands, hobbies or entertainment. Women and may even need to pickup an extra shift at work or a second job in order to be financially stable on their own in single parent homes. So when women are suddenly hit with that reality they go into panic mode and will try to divorce men, grab as much as they can and then seek a high value male to take care of her. This book is designed to teach the high vale may what to expect from modern woman and how not to lose his substance in a female ponzy scheme.




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