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“Men were made by our creator to rule”. Such is the nature of men and always will be. Society can’t change that. It's embedded into our nature. Feminists can’t change that, family courts can’t change that, Nothing can change that. Nothing will. For women to question the efficacy of whether men will be ruling is asinine. Instead, they should ask which ones and how Man

There is a hidden hand of the elite that wants to manipulate the world through mind control, which pushes the narrative to “demolish” the patriarchy. It should be noted that the religious leaders and churches have not done much better.

Stop telling men to hone and refine their masculine aggressive traits. The system, and the church have told men that they should aspire to be meek servant-leaders, and when a man shows any signs of masculinity or independent thought, he is denounced, ridiculed, and extirpated.

Feminists want men to be snowflakes. Snowflakes melt when the heat is turned up. They dissolve when the beef cooks. A real man stands as bold as a lion. The modern perspective renders most young men lost. They don’t know what to do or how to improve, so they watch Dan Pena on YouTube to learn how to grow into their masculinity and develop a sense of purpose. They lack alpha men.

Kahan Tazadaq is sent by Yah to inform men that their natural aggressive instincts are gifts from Yahuah. Yahuah made men to be strong and aggressive risk-takers. This is a feature, not a defect. Be proud to be a man and never apologize for your masculinity.
"Difficult times develop real men. In an age when masculinity is attacked from every angle, leading to a generation of an illusion of equal rights, feminists yearn to rule. Society turns men into passive belligerents. Kahan Tazadaq is writing manifestos for manhood. truth stands out more for the lack of such clear truthful direct speeches and precise biblical

The Inner Me is the Enemy

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